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s  o  r  c  e  r  y 

for the mystic & magic. •*


Hi magic one,


We are Maikel & Ava, a newly-wed couple living in Utrecht

with many mány crystals, a jungle of plants, our baby Ollie &  5 guineapigs.

We share a passion for crystals, aesthetics, magic & fantasy . Harry Potter all day everrryday.

And Stone Sorcery is our online love baby. <3e

So happy you found our lil' sorcery shop! 

Here you can browse through our hand-made, hand-picked and curated items. It's a lovely mix of curiosities that we create & find all over, so we never have large stocks. And we love it that way! Treasure hunting & creating new things gets us goingggg. 

°•* Following our inspiration..


Ava is a crystal energy healer with a fashion background, so she lóves sharing her finds & hand-mades with you. 

Maikel is a 3D printing wizard that creates fantasy items out of recycled plastics.

We both have businesses next to this lil' shop, but we enjoy collaborating for Stone só much

... & we always tend to find or create cool things, this way we get to share it with you!

Our wish is that these items add a lil' magic to your life too. :)



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