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Frequently Asked Questions


#1 Are all items hand-made?

Our boutique is a mix of curiosities. Some are hand-made/designed by us, and ALL are hand-picked/curated by us. You can always read in the description if an item is hand-made or designed by us. And usually we add a tagline :). And of course, the crystals are made by mother nature.

#2 How do I know if an item is 'eco'/earth-friendly?

When we design or hand-make items ourselves we (lóve to) use recycled materials! For example, all our 3D printed items are made of recycled, biodegradable plastics. Isn't that awesome!?  And when Ava hand-makes fashion, she uses secondhand fabrics or sari's. So also; recycled!

If other wearables are 'eco' you will read this in the item description. Sadly, it's very hard to track if a crystal is mined 'earth-friendly' & fair. Sometimes crystals are a 'by-product' when digging for raw materials to make (parts of) electrical devices - so they'd have found them anyhow, better to send them to people/importers who will care for them. And sometimes crystals are mined purely to be sold for the miners to make a living. Even the wholesale retailer can't always tell us. So we carefully pick them & find them a loving home, however they came out of the earth.


# How long does it take for my package to arrive?

Well, that depends on where the package has to travel to. Our homebase is in the Netherlands & we usually take up to 3 business days to pack your order before we send it (you'll receive an email when we brought it to the post-office). In Europe you can expect to receive your 'magic items' within a week after sending it, depending on whether there aren't any delays. We ship with PostNL (domestic service).

#2 Can I trace my order?

Yes, definitely. We only ship with track&trace and the code will be shared in the 2nd confirmation mail you receive, when we brought your package to the post-office. That's why our shipping costs are a bit higher - we ensure a track&trace option.


#1 Can I return items that I bought in your boutique?

Jewellery & potions; no (ensuring hygiene & un-opened items).

Crystals, magic tools & fashion; yes - if, they are in new, perfect condition. 

#2 How do I return items?

When you are not happy with an item, or it doesn't fit the way you wanted to, this is what can do;

1. send us a message about your wish to return & what item.

2. you will receive our studio address (in Utrecht) to return your item to (shipping costs are at your own expense).

3. if the item is returned safely & in perfect condition,

we refund the item 100%, excluding shipping costs.

PS - We knów that most online shops nowadays offer 'free returns', but we hope you understand that we are a small boutique of 2 people, and if we pay for everyone's return shipping costs too, we'd lose our profits and be doing it for nothing. We lóve what we do, but we also need like.. food, haha. So we ask you to be mindful about ordering with us. 

If you have any other questions, or there's something 'wrong' with your order,

please don't hesitate to contact us below & we'll figure it out together! :)


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