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amethyst butterfly (górgeous wings!)

amethyst butterfly (górgeous wings!)

ABOUT - This unique butterfly is a beaut! Showcasing her Amethyst wings. Layered with some Agate & Quartz in there. Amethyst is a deeply spiritual stone, bringing you insight in yourself and your human journey. And because of her purifying and calming quality this is a gréat crystal to place somewhere in your home. Amethyst is thé crystal to ease any tension & support better sleep. Place her at your altar, or somewhere in your home for that natural, magical touch. <3 



* you can take the 'wings' out of the stand
* metal stand is painted black
* size; 12cm (height) x 14cm (width) 


CARE - Make sure the Amethyst wings aren't sunbathing all day, this may fade her colours.


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