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s  o  r  c  e  r  y.

amethyst wand (20cm!)

amethyst wand (20cm!)

* natural crystal point
* maraba Amethyst (grows like this, does not come from a geode)
* sizes +/- 20 x 4 cm


CHAKRA - 6th (third eye) & 7th (crown)


ABOUT - A beautiful, large Amethyst 'wand' with many markings. We always immediately fall in love with all those incisions, ridges and growth-lines! She tells a story. People say that every little (naturally grown) ridge affects her frequency transmission - that's how she shares her specific wisdom & 'codes'. And when a crystal has been growing into a point naturally, her energy current flows towards that point. She's a conductor. So, try placing her purple point on your third eye chakra while meditating, or point it at your crown (while lying down), for a unique energy experience. A real 'magic' wand! You see, Amethyst is a deeply spiritual stone, bringing you insight in yourself and your human journey. The deeper the purple, the intenser and more 'penetrating' her vibration is. And because of her purifying and calming quality she is a great stone to place in a room; especially the bedroom or on your meditation spot. 


CARE - Amethyst is a crystal that doesn't like sunlight, her purple colour will fade in the sun. Place her somewhere she won't lay sunbathing ;). Amethyst can be cleansed with water tho. 

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