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celestine 'the angelstone' (tiny cluster)

celestine 'the angelstone' (tiny cluster)

* 1x raw, naturally grown cluster, perfect size to hold in your hand while meditating
* sizes +/- 4 x 4 cm


CHAKRA - 5th (throat), 6th (third eye) and 7th (crown)


ABOUT - Celestine, or Coelestine is also named the 'Angelstone'. Her vibration strengthens your communication and spiritual growth. When you place this crystal near your bed, she helps you to soften your dreams ánd remember them in the morning. Celestine is a very solid, heavy but breakable (!) crystal with a super high vibration, which is why she boosts communication and contact with angels and guides. She helps you to 'raise your frequency' and speak/hear more clearly.


CARE - Celestine's blue colour can face because of sunlight and it doesn't like water. 


NOTE - Let us know in the comments which one has your preference. If not, we'll choose one for you intuitively.

    Only 3 left in stock
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