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'ellipse' necklace *• amethyst

'ellipse' necklace *• amethyst

* natural, polished pendant
* necklace length 45 cm
* sizes pendant +/- 4 x 2 cm

CHAKRA - 7th (crown)


ABOUT - This 'ellipse' pendant is made of Amethyst, a deep purple spiritual stone. Also, the pendant is open on both sides, so the crystal will touch your skin! <3 Amethyst vibration resonates with the Crown chakra and therefore brings more insight in yourself and your processes. Because of her clarifying and soothing properties it's a wonderful crystal to wear. We like to use Amethyst when we've got a 'busy head', for meditating or to sleep more peaceful.

CARE - Be careful with water & perfume. Amethyst doesn't like sunbathing for hours, she might fade in colour. 

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