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fluorite butterfly (górgeous wings!)

fluorite butterfly (górgeous wings!)

ABOUT - This unique butterfly is a beaut! Showcasing her Fluorite wings. Layered purple & green colours. Fluorite is a very spiritual insight crystal that makes you see connections (she activates the third eye chakra like crázy) and access source wisdom. Her vibration helps to focus, activate your 'spiritual vision' and increase the absorption of knowledge. Place her at your altar, or somewhere in your home for that natural, magical touch. <3 



* you can take the 'wings' out of the stand
* metal stand is painted black
* size; 14cm (height) x 13cm (width) 


CARE - Make sure the Fluorite wings aren't sunbathing all day, this may fade her colours.



    Only 1 left in stock
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