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kiwi palmstone (cutie-pie)

kiwi palmstone (cutie-pie)

* polished, flat natural stone
* triangle shapes
* sizes +/- 4 x 3 cm


CHAKRA - 5th (throat) 


ABOUT - Look what a cutie-pie! The Kiwi stone is sometimes also (incorrectly) called Kiwi Jaspis or, the 'smallpox' stone. Not so crazy when u look at it right? Her fairy-like light blue/greenish colour with black dots emits a soft vibration that helps to see the 'overall picture'. An overview of what to do, what to say & which steps to take next. So let the Kiwi stone help you to unwind, create clarity & take action from there. To follow the right breadcrumbs, aka, dots. ;) Physically she stimulates the immune system & metabolism. So how you treat 'intruders' & transport all the particles and nourishment in your body. We personally love to place her in the neck dimple when reading a book or watching tv, or slide her under our pillow when sleeping. This stone is álmost like a spa-day. Chill. Think. Boost. Álmost, people. Álmost.


CARE - Kiwi stone can be rinsed with water.

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