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magic potion necklace *• rockcrystal

magic potion necklace *• rockcrystal

* natural, polished Rockcrystal
* tiny storage compartment inside with screw cap + pipette
* golden necklace is stainless steel
* sizes potion pendant +/- 3.5 x 2.5 cm

CHAKRA - all


ABOUT - The Magic Potion necklace is a necklace with a tiny storage compartment. You can put a drop of essential oil, a bit of moon water, some herbs, a hair from your pet or another kind of 'potion' inside! The screw cap closes well and you'll receive a pipette with your necklace. Will you make it a protecting amulet? A mystic inspiration token? Or maybe a wearable love potion? Ava has got one herself and made it her 'Earthéreals essence' pendant. :)


This pendant is made of Rockcrystal, a purifying crystal. Her vibration promotes vitality, she clears & resets. We see Rockcrystal as 'the foundation', the purest & highest energy. A clear vibration to align yourself with and wear on your body.

CARE - Be careful with water & perfume so the necklace won't change colour.

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