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s  o  r  c  e  r  y.

pyrite #12 (feel yóur gold)

pyrite #12 (feel yóur gold)

* also called 'fools gold'

* shiny AF with gorgeous geometrical clusters!
* sizes +/- 7 x 4 cm

CHAKRA - 1st (root) & 3rd (solar plexus)


ABOUT - These are shiny AF! We think you understand why the alternative name for Pyrite is 'Fools Gold'. People used to think they found real chunks of gold when digging this baby up, but, you can recognise Pyrite by the way she grows/is formed in the earth. Do you see those geometric shapes? Jup. She grows in a 'cuboidal way' - aka - she formes cubes (because of her atom bonding), cool right!? Energy-wise she promotes self-knowledge and confidence. Turning inwards, inquiring, knowing who you are & standing on your own two feet. She resonates and strengthens the solar plexus chakra, where your 'identity of self' is, you as a separate human, and the root chakra, for earthly grounding and solidity. Helping you feel yóur gold. <3 


CARE - Do not cleanse Pyrite with water, this crystal contains iron; she will oxidize.

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