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s  o  r  c  e  r  y.

tiger's eye palmstone (striped powerhouse)

tiger's eye palmstone (striped powerhouse)

* polished, flat natural crystal
* all with beautiful, shiny stripes
* sizes +/- 4 x 4 cm


CHAKRA - 3rd (solar plexus) 


ABOUT - Tiger's Eye is a real powerhouse. Her fierce vibration boosts your confidence, your courage and helps you with making choices. She protects you like a tiger and makes sure you stand up for yourself. Boundaries, baby! Also, we have one near our front door & in the car at all times, to protect our home/our car from unwanted energies. Or, carry her with you when you simply need some protection and 'tiger spirit' in your life.


CARE - She can be cleansed with water. 

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