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s  o  r  c  e  r  y.

amethyst point

amethyst point

* polished crystal point
* sizes +/- 8 x 3 cm


CHAKRA - 6th (third eye) & 7th (crown)


ABOUT - A polished Amethyst point with gorgeous 'colourblock' markings. As if they've captured many mini-geodes in a carving! We keep staring at it.. Amethyst is a deeply spiritual stone, bringing you insight in yourself and your human journey. The deeper the purple, the intenser and more 'penetrating' her vibration is. And because of her purifying and calming quality she is a great stone to place in a room; especially the bedroom or on your meditation spot. 


CARE - Amethyst is a crystal that doesn't like sunlight, her purple colour will fade in the sun. Place her somewhere she won't lay sunbathing ;). Amethyst can be cleansed with water.

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