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black tourmaline necklace

black tourmaline necklace


* silver stainless steel necklace (doesn't change colour!)
* nickel-free
* length necklace; 45 cm

* natural, raw pendant


CHAKRA - all, but mostly 1st (Root)


ABOUT - A deep dark protector. Black Tourmaline is a very grounding stone that purifies negative energies. Negative as in 'dirty', grubby energies you picked up & don't want clouding up in your aura. Black Tourmaline's porous surface 'soaks up' all that sh*t, espécially: radiation. We have a Black Tourmaline placed in every windowsill and by the frontdoor. And, one placed by Ava's computer - to protect our home and energy. But you can also wear one yourself ofcourse! (Radiation) protection 24/7. One of the must-have stones if you ask us.


CARE - Black Tourmaline doesn't like water.

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