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carnelian #8 (womb warmer)

carnelian #8 (womb warmer)

* natural, polished stone
* sizes +/-  7 x 5 cm


CHAKRA - 2nd (Sacral)


ABOUT - The warm, deep orange vibration of Carnelian works activating and vitalising. Her vibration is a motivator. If you desire more 'lust for life', feeling full of fire and fertile - Carnelian is the stone to carry close to you. Preferably somewhere in a pocket near your hips, or place her in your lap while meditating/reading a book/watching tv, as this crystal stimulates the 2nd chakra. With her organic lines and spots she makes you think of the womb and her primal strength. A super 'juicy' crystal!


CARE - Carnelian can be cleansed with water.

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