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choco jaspis palmstone (grounding)

choco jaspis palmstone (grounding)

* polished, flat natural crystal
* with beautiful patterns
* sizes +/- 3 x 4 cm


CHAKRA - 1st (root)


ABOUT - We love ALL kinds of Jaspis, but this one felt especially cute. It looks like a little bonbon, doesn't it? Or, tree bark? Anyway, that's why it's called choco Jaspis or simply, brown Jaspis. The Jaspis stone has a very low & slow frequency and resonates with your root chakra - it helps you ground. Where the more common red Jaspis works wonders for your blood & circulation (you can always tell what a crystal 'is for' by looking at it, nature copies itself), we feel this brown Jaspis is more helpful for lymph flow and bringing nutrients to the right places. It's energy is a bit like a tree trunk, grounding & nurturing. Soft mother-energy.


CARE - Jaspis can be cleansed with water.

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