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s  o  r  c  e  r  y.

green calcite (hope-giver)

green calcite (hope-giver)

* natural stone

* smooth candy-like pieces with a beautiful colour
* sizes +/-  5 x 5 cm


CHAKRA - 4th (Heart)


ABOUT - Calcite is a smooth, soft, candy-like crystal. You'll almost wanna take a bite out of this baby (please don't tho)! Its energy is fresh, hopeful and courageous. When you place it on your heart for a while, right before sleeping for example, you'll imprint yourself with this energy and things will slowly start to feel different, espécially around matters of the heart. And when we look at the physical body, Calcite helps with 'smooth' joints, aka - staying flexible, in your heartspace ánd physically.


CARE - Calcite doesn't like long baths in the water.

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