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s  o  r  c  e  r  y.

iceland spar * yellow

iceland spar * yellow

* natural, raw stone
* sizes +/-  4 x 4 x 3cm


CHAKRA - 3rd (Solar Plexus)


ABOUT - Iceland Spar, also known as Optical Calcite, is a transparent variety of Calcite that crystallizes in the trigonal system, forming these 'wonky' squares. Because of its shape, it splits a ray of light into 2 rays, so there is speculation that this stone is the medieval 'sun stone' from the Viking tales, that they used to tell the direction of the sun for navigational purposes. Cool right!? Think about it.. Vikings carrying this crystal in their pockets.. Anyway - one of the most mesmerising crystals to look at if you ask me! When you look inside you can see little 'platforms' horizontally & vertically, almost like different dimensions. That's why its also often used for 'scrying', a form of divination. Its energy helps overcoming fears, stepping into your abundant self & provides 'clear sight'. Feeling confident about yourself,  your abilities and that beautiful opportunities are coming your way. Its a little blessing-token! 


CARE - Calcite doesn't like to be bathed in water, but just a quick rinse is ok.

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