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moss agate palmstone (mystery healer)

moss agate palmstone (mystery healer)

* polished, flat natural stone
* sizes +/- 4 x 5 cm


CHAKRA - 4th (heart)


ABOUT - Wauw, what a beauty ey! Almost as if you've got a piece of the forest in your hands! So it might not come as a surprise that her vibration connects you to nature. Yóur nature, to be exact. She supports the self-healing properties of the body, by boosting the immune system. Especially when it comes to everything lung, grief and/or stress related (she resonates with the heart chakra). You can place her on your chest right before sleeping, or carry her with you in your bra - right near your heart. A beautiful dark, mysterious & healing stone! 


CARE - Moss Agate can be cleansed with water.

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