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necklace 'droplet' * rhodonite

necklace 'droplet' * rhodonite


* natural, polished pendant, sizes+/- 2.5 x 1.5 cm

* silver stainless steel necklace (doesn't change colour!)
* nickel-free
* length necklace; 45 cm


CHAKRA - 4th (Heart)


ABOUT - What a soft beauty ey! Her appearance is a bit fleshy, almost like skin! And let that be exactly what her vibration supports; skin. Rhodonite is thé healer of wounds. So are you recovering from something? Surgery? Fell from your bike? Giving birth? Got scars? Rhodonite softens & reconciles. Also in your heart. After traumatic events, of whatever sort, this is you go-to crystal to support you in your (physical) healing. Place her somewhere on your body where you'd like healing support, or wear her on your heart and let her vibration sink in. <3


CARE - She can be cleansed with water.


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