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prehnite necklace

prehnite necklace


* silver stainless steel necklace (doesn't change colour)
* nickel-free!
* length necklace; 45 cm

* natural, polished pendant


CHAKRA - 4th (Heart)


ABOUT - Prehnite is a beautiful mintgreenish stone that resonates with the Heart chakra. Her vibration helps to release self-defense mechanisms and clear out old 'bagage' in the heart. Prehnite helps you feel a bit 'lighter', exactly what you would think when looking at her right? A light-hearted crystal. She brings peace within yourself. Sidenote; the old 'bagage' may first arise to the surface when starting to wear this crystal & that could feel uncomfortable. Jep. Her energy stimulates the elimination of heaviness, 'toxins' & fears. Ava's started to feel a real difference since wearing it after her birth-trauma.


CARE - Prehnite doesn't like sunbathing for hours, she might fade in colour.

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