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s  o  r  c  e  r  y.

rockcrystal geode #11 (white beauty!)

rockcrystal geode #11 (white beauty!)

* natural cluster

* beautiful clear quality!
* sizes +/- 13 x 11 x 4 cm


CHAKRA - all


ABOUT -  Such a 'high-vibe' beauty! Rockcrystal is thé purifying stone from the quartz family. Her light but obvious vibration promotes vitality - she clears & resets. We've always seen Rockcrystal as 'the foundation', the purest & one of the híghest energies. A clear, vitalising vibration to align yourself with and place anywhere in your home for some extra 'zinggg'.


CARE - Rockcrystal can be cleansed with water.

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