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S  o r c e r y

for the mystic & magic

rosequartz goddess

rosequartz goddess

* polished, flat natural crystal
* with golden goddess print
* sizes +/- 5 x 5 cm


CHAKRA - 4th (heart)


ABOUT -  Rosequartz is thé stone of love. Her vibration stimulates (self)love and opening the heart. Truly receiving and trusting your intuition & going after that. She is soft and soothing - like a goddess. And this special 'moon goddess' edition even has an image in gold engraved in it! A great crystal to carry with you when you need sum extra lovin' and intuition, and reminder of your true feminine essence. 


CARE - Rosequartz can be cleansed with water. She doesn't like sunlight tho, sunbathing may fade her pink colour.

    Only 4 left in stock
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