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s  o  r  c  e  r  y.

the 'royal' wand + glow-in-the-dark

the 'royal' wand + glow-in-the-dark

* our own design 3D print! 

* printed 'on demand' by us, with recycled/biodegradable plastics

* with real leather details & a glow-in-the-dark 3D printed crystal

* with an amethyst pendant
* sizes +/- 22 x 3 cm 


ABOUT - Our inner nerd came out when designing this wand! A reminder & 'token' for the magic in human life, with yóu being the creator. Magic is not only something for the movies and books. God no. Our world exists of the physical part, the visible & the ethereal, the non-visible. And in the 'ethereal realm' our imagination is our biggest power, we can manifest ánything into the physical. Like magic! Remember that you are the main character in your life..


In this case, a royal witch/wizard with the power of 'light & vision'.


You are magic, human.

And we like to remind you of that, every day.

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